I’m Dan now 27 6’4 and skinny as a beanpole, hence the nickname. When I left high school at 17, I started working for a local company that owned the hardware store and several others businesses. I started at the hardware as junior storeman. The compa… Powered by WPeMatico

A cigarette after sex

My wife and I have been happily married for 22 years. Over the years we have experienced a very active sex life with each other and several exciting adventures with other playmates. We plan to share some of our more memorable encounters here. Our fir… Powered by WPeMatico


I’m David 26 and after finishing my law degree a year ago. I started work with the family firm, I’m just a junior and don’t get much in the way of court cases. Drink driving is most I get and some assisting on other cases. I’m the youngest of 2, …

The Burden of woman

It was a strange and new time in my life. I was fifteen and all I could do was think about girls, women and my constantly hard acking cock! I had been cursed by some unknown force of nature to be thrown into a perpetual state … Powered by WPeMatico

I just kept the women I already had.

To some people, my story my seem distasteful. I on the other hand, look back with only fond memories of my sexual Awakening. My name is Jim. I grew up in a upper middle class home in Michigan. My father was in advertising andy mother worke… Powered by WPeMatico


I’m Kelvan 28 married to Joyce 26 and and have 2 children Rachel 3 and Paul 1. I’m the Manager at a local supermarket. It is a small part of a nationwide chain, but I started to manage it after finishing a University Business Degree. I am being promo… Powered …