Doggy beach

As a nudist,being outdoors and naked is very freeing,and as a married woman with children being able to seize that moment,well,anyway. My story,, I had managed to be able to get a few hours during the week to find a remote beach,where I could disrobe… Powered by WPeMatico

Everybody Won

One look at my 41-year-old dad, you would not know that you were looking at a man. After dad’s sex change surgery, she just looks like a natural woman from head to toe. She’s muscular, her huge implanted yet natural-looking breasts complemented h… Powered by WPeMatico

Visiting Uncle David

Hi I’m Susan 28 on finishing University last year, I decided to visit my mother’s only sibling her brother David. He had return home from working overseas for over twenty years and I wanted to thank him for paying all my university fees as well pocke… Powered by WPeMatico