Ruth, Gwen and Rachel

I’m Daniel 24, single delivery driver. I work for a nationwide delivery business and was transferred to my grandma’s Ruth’s town. The transfer was due to company expanding it’s depots and wanted some company drivers to start off the depot. I accepted… Powered by WPeMatico

Home Alone… Part 4

What is it exactly that determines our sexual triggers? Is it in our wiring from birth? Our experiences during childhood, puberty or our experimentation post adolescence? I have no strong recollection of how my predilections developed but I know t… Powered by WPeMatico

Home Alone… Part 6

This story began quite simply. A grown man, feeling the need to release a little sexual tension, finds a quiet moment to relax alone. Assured of several hours of privacy (I thought!) and no concerns one moment, then all hell breaks lose and the nex… Powered by WPeMatico


I always liked going to my friends house as a kid. They were brothers and lived around the corner and up the street in a corner house. There mom, Mrs. N. and nicknamed Kitty, and dad weren’t as strick as mine and we got away with a lot of stuff. …

My Brother Ronald

Ronald 63 retired international investment analysist, he made a lot of money and decided to retire from it early last year. He returned home and purchased a small farm of 350 acres and built a nice house on the land. 5 bedrooms with ensuites and a po… Powered by WPeMatico

Round 4 with the law.

With my first federal sentence ended finally a month earlier, I was accused of another property related offence which got me 2 years the first time. I just arrived back home from Toronto. My adopted mom was my alibi. I was in town when the fire broke… Powered by WPeMatico