Retired Neighbour

I’m 27 and a Plumber by trade, single and not in a relationship at that time. I inherited the house 18 months ago from my bachelor uncle Keith, who passed away fom cancer. He served in the Vietnam war and worked with agent orange and other chemicals…. Powered by WPeMatico

I’m that sort of girl

I turned over in bed and pulled the pillow down from under my head and thrust it hard into my crotch, crossed my thighs and humped it, feeling its rougher edges, where the sewing was, rubbing where my clitoris was and with each movement until I exper… Powered by WPeMatico


I’m John now 29 married and average build. I’m from a very well to do family and regarded as the black sheep. So I was exiled from the family (for my many indiscretions) to a remote retirement village on an a very exclusive Island own by the family. … Powered …